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You are welcome to choose the promotion for PARADOR laminate floor with free assembly. Purchasing laminate floor in PARADOR program you receive from Hoton an assembly free of charge. For details please visit our showrooms.




Promotion for interior doors with free assembly. Asilo are the interior doors for those who value high quality for reasionable price.



Glass doors

paź 22, 2013

Category: Interior doors, Posted by: hoton

Glass doors are perfect completion of both traditional interiors with wood and modern ones with minimalistic arrangement.
The benefits of glass doors is their transparency and lightness which do'nt produce the feeling of isolation.
Thanks to transmittance it is possible to freely shape the interior achieving unique atmosphere.
Modern character of glass as a material allows to create classic opened doors in wooden or aluminium frames, also full-glass sliding construction.
The patterns and possibility of cutom orders will satisfy even most demanding customers, no matter if we need modern gadgets or present more traditional approach.


Painted doors

paź 21, 2013

Category: Interior doors, Posted by: hoton

Painted doors will be the expressive addition for everey interior. They will never be unnoticed. Used with proper wall color they will make the interior more comfortable and warm. Unlimited variety of colors will allow you to perfectly fit the doors for every interior.

Classic doors

paź 21, 2013

Category: Interior doors, Posted by: hoton

Choosing doors from this collection you are choosing products of highest quality which is possible by using best, natural materials. They are characterized by classic elegance and durability. In our offer there are painted and veneered doors with unique texture of wood, color and structure. Variety of patterns will allow you to choose most suitable door model harmonizing with style oand color of the interior.

Modern door

paź 21, 2013

Category: Interior doors, Posted by: hoton

Modern doors are mostly recognized by simplicity and minimalistic form. Doors are veneered with frame or wall often without visible hinges or frame, which highlights their simple, modern and even raw character. These solutions allow remarkable interior arrangement. They are suitable where there is functionality that matters combined with modern design. Variety of combining materials such as glass, wood, acrylic, aluminium and even leather guarantees you will find dorrs fit for your interior.

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