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You are welcome to choose the promotion for PARADOR laminate floor with free assembly. Purchasing laminate floor in PARADOR program you receive from Hoton an assembly free of charge. For details please visit our showrooms.




Promotion for interior doors with free assembly. Asilo are the interior doors for those who value high quality for reasionable price.



"Sit-in" carpets

paź 21, 2013

Category: Floors, Posted by: hoton

Sit-in Poland is a company owned by MIRO RADICI - Italy
Factories exist since 1950.

In poland the company exists since 1997 introducing the following products: object carpet layers - in a roll signed with Sit-in" and Due
Palme suitable for contracts
object carpet layers - in slates signed with Carat System Boden
house carpet layers
synthetic gras for sports and garden - signed with Sit-in SPORT
and Sit-in OUTDOOR.

Exterior terraces

paź 21, 2013

Category: Floors, Posted by: hoton

Terracse is the place where we spend plenty of time. No matter if we relax alone or in company it is important to take care that this place will ne comfortable and interesting.

Because of the uniqque, natural character, warmth and perfect composition properties, wooden terraces are often in the small and big architecture. Due to climate i our region we often ask ourselves about their durability. We don't know that wood is often used to build terraces in regions with worst climate than middle european. In our catalogue you can find almost all kinds of exotic wood, used in eteriors: Bangkirai, Massaranduba, Cumaru, Merbau, Jatoba, Tatajuba, Ipe or Grapia. All of the types of wood we sell present unique individual properties

Laminate floors

paź 21, 2013

Category: Floors, Posted by: hoton

Answering the expactations of our customers, producers of laminate floors create number of decorations, dimensions of panels and finishing technology. Thanks to variety of structures you receive unlimited possibilities of arrangement. Because of their durability, laminate floors will be perfect in buildings where there is a lot of traffic.

Solid floors

paź 21, 2013

Category: Floors, Posted by: hoton

Floors are one of the most important elements and their character speaks of the atmosphere of our house, helps to create proper style. For many years wooden solid floors are most fashonable. This is because of their natural beauty.

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